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How special can honey bee?

Necta & Hive seek out the best active healing honeys the world has to offer. Often these are in remote and protected locations, meaning the apiaries are kept away from pests and chemicals, so the honeys produced are as pure as it comes. Each of our honeys have their own unique story – from the specific region they are produced in, to the flowers the bees pollinate, all the way to the distinct aromas and tastes of each one.

Whilst you can use our honeys the way you would any honey – in food and drinks – they are, in fact, very rare and have properties often unique to that honey – from lower glucose levels, to antimicrobial properties. All Necta & Hive honey is independently tested by an accredited laboratory to determine Total Activity levels, giving you confidence in the integrity, traceability and quality of our honeys – from hive to market.

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