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  • polar bears

    The Discovery of Honey by Necta & Hive

    Once upon a time, in the cold and blustery North Pole there was a widower polar bear named Shamus and his son, Ziggy. Every day, Shamus would spend time with Ziggy and try to keep his son warm, and teach him about the dangers of the North Pole.

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  • sky tv christmas market

    Necta & Hive at Sky TV Christmas Market

    Necta & Hive were pleased to host a stall at The Sky Christmas market, exclusively for Sky TV employees. Sky TV has been running the Sky Ocean Rescue programme and is working towards being the first corporate business who is single-use plastic free.

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  • honey goody bag

    Necta & Hive at ‘Just a Little Christmas’

    ‘Just a Little Christmas’ was a spectacular event hosted by Sarah-Jane Cousens from Just a Little Build. It took place at the Tom Howley kitchen showroom in Beaconsfield, which served as a great location to talk about all things Christmas and food!

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  • walton reindeer

    The Walton Street Winter Market

    A magical and enchanting day awaited us at The Walton Street Winter Market. We were extremely excited to be taking part on Saturday 1st December at Brompton Cross London, in support of The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

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  • Christmas present on porch

    Christmas Delivery Dates

    Christmas is a busy time, and if you’ve left your Christmas shopping to the last week (or last days!) it’s important to take note of our delivery times. Find our Christmas delivery dates below to avoid missing out!

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  • waffles

    Carrot & Poppy Seed Waffles with Honey

    These healthy and tasty waffles are an alternative to the bland shop-bought varieties. The carrot adds flavour and texture to the waffles, and the poppy seeds add a crunch. These are perfect for Sunday morning breakfast.

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  • Honey baked apples with greek yoghurt

    Honey-baked apples & yoghurt

    Winter time calls for comfort food. Why not try our warm, sweet and syrupy baked apples covered in golden honey? This is an ideal dessert or breakfast and is gluten-free and low in calories. The addition of our Red Gum honey adds numerous health benefits.

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  • Salted Honey Millet & Macadamia Bars

    Salted Honey Millet & Macadamia Bars

    These snack bars are the perfect combination of sweet and salty. The sea salt and honey complement each other well and create a melody of flavours along with the addition of the rich, dark chocolate which adds depth.

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  • Honey duck and orange salad

    Honey Duck & Orange Salad           

    This duck salad is a warm and tasty meal, perfect if you are in need of a light supper which is still full of flavour. The honey in the dressing complements the citrus and the richness of the duck and makes a delicious and hearty winter salad.

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  • honey glazed chipolatas

    Honey Glazed Chipolatas

    Sticky, sweet and savoury sausages are hard to resist, either as a canape or with Christmas dinner. In fact, they can be eaten anytime and are loved by children and adults alike. And they are easy to make, what’s not to like!

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  • Walton Street Winter Market

    Winter at Walton Street with Necta & Hive

    Necta & Hive will be running a stall at the Walton Street Winter Market on the 1st of December. We will be hosting taste tests, giveaways, an exclusive chance to try our honey kombucha, and offering special prices on our premium honey range.

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  • necta and hive pear honey mocktails

    Festive Honey-roasted Pear Mocktails

    Our festive sweet and spicy mocktails are free from refined sugar and instead use honey to add sweetness and flavour. Our Australian Red Gum Honey is ideal for this recipe and adds naturally occurring powerful antioxidants.

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