• polar bears

    The Discovery of Honey by Necta & Hive

    Once upon a time, in the cold and blustery North Pole there was a widower polar bear named Shamus and his son, Ziggy. Every day, Shamus would spend time with Ziggy and try to keep his son warm, and teach him about the dangers of the North Pole.

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  • sky tv christmas market

    Necta & Hive at Sky TV Christmas Market

    Necta & Hive were pleased to host a stall at The Sky Christmas market, exclusively for Sky TV employees. Sky TV has been running the Sky Ocean Rescue programme and is working towards being the first corporate business who is single-use plastic free.

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  • honey goody bag

    Necta & Hive at ‘Just a Little Christmas’

    ‘Just a Little Christmas’ was a spectacular event hosted by Sarah-Jane Cousens from Just a Little Build. It took place at the Tom Howley kitchen showroom in Beaconsfield, which served as a great location to talk about all things Christmas and food!

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  • walton reindeer

    The Walton Street Winter Market

    A magical and enchanting day awaited us at The Walton Street Winter Market. We were extremely excited to be taking part on Saturday 1st December at Brompton Cross London, in support of The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity.

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  • Christmas present on porch

    Christmas Delivery Dates

    Christmas is a busy time, and if you’ve left your Christmas shopping to the last week (or last days!) it’s important to take note of our delivery times. Find our Christmas delivery dates below to avoid missing out!

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  • Walton Street Winter Market

    Winter at Walton Street with Necta & Hive

    Necta & Hive will be running a stall at the Walton Street Winter Market on the 1st of December. We will be hosting taste tests, giveaways, an exclusive chance to try our honey kombucha, and offering special prices on our premium honey range.

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  • golden field of poppies

    Things to do on Remembrance Sunday

    Remembrance Sunday, which falls on 11 November in 2018, is a day for the nation to remember and honour those who have sacrificed themselves to secure and protect our freedom. The UK will hold a two-minute silence at 11am on the day.

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  • luxury Christmas gifts

    Luxury Christmas Gift ideas

    We’re getting close to that magical time of year once again which means family, food and gifts! However, the Festive season can also be very stressful, with the pressure of picking a good gift sometimes too much for some people.

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  • Health Honey Kombucha

    Health Benefits of Kombucha

    I know what you’re thinking, kombucha? What’s that? Kombucha is a fermented beverage consisting of black tea and sugar, which also contains a specific culture known as ‘scoby’. Scoby stands for ‘symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts’.

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  • honey kombucha

    How To Make Kombucha With Honey

    Kombucha has been around for hundreds of years now but only recently it has reached a peak in its popularity. With a lot of people becoming more health conscious, it is understandable why a lot of people have turned to this beverage.

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  • girl sleeping

    5 Benefits Of A Good Nights Sleep

    Are you one of the 92% of Britains who don’t get 8 hours of sleep on a regular basis? Is stress keeping you awake at night? Or maybe you’re anxious about something? Lack of sleep can cause even more stress and anxiety, creating a never-ending cycle.

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  • Necta & Hive blog Cortisol Cycle

    6 Ways to Lower Cortisol Levels:

    Do you eat your emotions? You may know all too well that you reach for the sugary snacks or chocolate pick-me-ups at times of high stress, however, what is the science behind this and is there anything you can do to combat this?

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