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    The Ultimate Luxury Honey Hair Mask

      Are you looking for a honey hair mask to condition and add nutrients to your locks? Why not try our yoghurt and honey hair mask using the recipe below? You can make this from the comfort of your own home and achieve the results of salon quality.

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  • Necta & Hive Blog Crystal Healing

    Five Crystals to Bring into Your Routine

    If you’ve already seen our first blog on crystals, you’ll know they have a wealth of internal properties. There are crystals which can help you combat every single issue in your day-to-day life, from sleeping better to dispelling negative energies. 

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    3 Home Remedies For Burns

    Catching your hand on the hair straighteners when you’re rushing to get to work or accidentally touching the hot saucepan on the stove, is very easily done. So here are 3 home remedies for burns for those clumsy days.

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  • Necta Hive Blog Seven Uses of Honey

    12 Surprising Benefits Of Honey

    There are many benefits of honey which include using honey as an alternative to sugar. Natural honey is especially good for helping limit the number of processed foods we consume in our day-to-day diets.

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  • Necta Hive Blog Crystals

    What Can Crystals Do For You?

    Healing crystals have been around since the dawn of times and there is a plethora of knowledge and expertise around them.  Choosing the right crystal stones is important for helping you continue your spiritual journey. 

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  • Why Does Honey Crystallise?

    This is a natural process when honey turns from liquid to a granular state. Honey crystallisation is a sign of pure honey and it doesn’t change the quality of the honey.

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  • How Do Bees Create Antimicrobial Honey?

    Honey is the delicious result of bees collecting nectar from flowers.Bees collect the nectar from flowers, often in remote and protected locations,meaning the apiaries are kept away from pests and chemicals

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  • Necta Hive Blog Weight Loss

    The Do’s and Dont’s of Weight Loss

    Follow our top tips below on what to do, and what not to do, to kick those unhealthy habits in no time!   DO: Have a clear, measured, achievable and sensible plan: As much as we’d all like it, you can’t just lose 10 kilograms in one night. 

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  • NICE Honey Recommendations

    NICE has announced that GPs should recommend honey or other herbal remedies for coughs.Active honey has been used therapeutically

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