5 surprising uses for honey (and one unsurprising one!)

5 surprising uses for honey (and one unsurprising one!)

When you think of honey, what do you think of? Sticky, oozy, deliciously sweet and golden, drizzled on top of your breakfast granola (or eaten straight from the jar)? How about honey bees, hives and honey combs? Or perhaps honey’s most famous fan, Winnie the Pooh?

All of the above are perfectly acceptable answers, but did you know there was more to honey than sweetness, bees and bears?

Honey is surprisingly versatile, so here we’re going to celebrate its more unusual uses.

1. Honey helps wounds and burns to heal. The antimicrobial properties of honey make it ideal for using on wounds to help them heal and to prevent infections. Active, healing honeys contain an enzyme called glucose peroxidase, which reacts with water in wounds to form hydrogen peroxide, a potent antimicrobial agent. Using honey on wounds is simple and is now used routinely in healthcare settings, so why not try it at home?

2. Honey helps us detox. Using honey to detox might sound peculiar, but trust us, it’s really effective! Add honey to water, and choose to add cinnamon, lemon or apple cider vinegar. When you add active, healing honeys to water, make sure you only add it to warm or cool water, to avoiding destroying the delicate enzymes that provide their healing powers.

3. Honey helps a hangover. Yes, it really does! When you’ve overindulged, you might have your go-to remedy of fizzy drinks and carb-loaded pizza, but maybe next time consider turning to honey instead. Honey contains higher levels of fructose, a type of fruit sugar, than normal table sugar, or glucose. Fructose helps the body break down a by-product of alcohol, called acetaldehyde, which is the culprit when it comes to hangovers. The quicker we get rid of the acetaldehyde, the quicker we feel fresh again!

4. Honey is great in beauty treatments. From hair masks for dry, split ends, to an exfoliating dry lip treatment and nourishing remedy for brittle nails, honey really ought to be pride of place in our bathroom cabinets as well as our kitchen cupboards. Honey is also wonderful in skin nourishing face masks too, so make sure you add it to your skin care routine. Try using Necta & Hive Red Gum 10+ honey to exfoliate with, it’s granular texture is ideal!

5. Honey is an effective alternative to antibiotics. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, or NICE, now recommend honey as a first line treatment for coughs and upper respiratory infections. They explicitly recommend honey in place of antibiotics for these conditions, which is good news for the impending and serious problem of antibiotic resistance. Necta & Hive Red Gum 30+ TA honey is perfect for supercharging your health when you’re run down and under the weather.

And finally, one unsurprising use for honey – its delicious taste! Honey has been eaten for centuries and is a true nectar of nature. It’s also full of antioxidants that support a healthy immune system. Also, Necta & Hive high TA, active, healing Jarrah and Red Gum honeys have antimicrobial properties, meaning that they can help protect against illness and infection.

So if you’re looking for an excuse to eat more honey, we’ve just given you plenty…

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