How to win at Dry January!

How to win at Dry January!

How are you feeling? This year is an odd one for sure, with coronavirus restrictions meaning that many of our plans have had to be altered or cancelled.

If all of this has made you want to reach for one (or two) too many glasses of bubbly and mulled wine over Christmas, then you’re probably not alone. Besides, the festive season is a time for feeling jolly and reflecting on the year you’ve just had.

But sometimes, pressing reset at the beginning of the new year after a Christmas of rich foods and excess is a good idea. Starting a brand new year by making healthy choices can help us make peace with an overindulgent Christmas and put us in good stead for healthy habits long into January, February and beyond.

One way of activating the reset button is to take part in Dry January. Dry January is a one month challenge during which participants pledge to remain alcohol free for the whole of January. If you’re wondering why you should take part in Dry January, here’s a few good reasons…

• 86% of participants say they saved money (which is great for January which officially feels like the longest wait until pay day!)

• 70% said they slept better whilst staying away from alcohol

• 66% said they had increased energy levels (which is an amazing achievement for January)

• 65% said they felt that their overall health improved

Convinced? We are! Here’s our top tips for succeeding all the way through to the 31st January:

• Download Try Dry, the free Dry January app. It will help you keep track of all the money, calories and alcohol units you’ve saved on, which will help to spur you on.

• Read Try Dry: The Official Guide to a Month Off Booze, the Dry January book that will provide inspiration and tips for carrying on even in the face of temptation.

• Fall in love with mocktails! There are plenty of mocktail recipes online and now, many pubs and restaurants also offer alcohol free alternatives to many of our favourite drinks as standard. Our Festive Honey Roasted Pear Mocktail is super delicious.

• Think about your ‘why’ behind alcohol. Are you using it as a crutch to help disguise how you’re feeling, help you deal with stress or to give you confidence? The Dry January website has lots of advice on picking apart why you drink, and it may help you to become less reliant on it at the end of a stressful day or on a night out.

• Get a loved one, partner or drinking buddy to sign up with you! Because sharing an experience, especially one that you know you might find difficult, is much easier with a friend who’s beside you for the ride.

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