What Can Crystals Do For You?

What Can Crystals Do For You?

Healing crystals have been around since the dawn of times and there is a plethora of knowledge and expertise around them. 

Choosing the right crystal stones is important for helping you continue your spiritual journey. 

Whether you are drawn in by the mesmerising array of colours, or the bizarre, distorted shapes and patterns that form the structure, every crystal has a unique energy.

Every single crystal can be used to identify and combat specific problems or challenges and help you to resolve them. With that in mind, check out some beginner crystals that you can look to bring into your daily lifestyle:

1. Rose Quartz – Love

With soft pink tones, shiny smooth top and clearly defined points, there is no surprise that rose quartz is one of the most popular crystals in day-to-day usage. Known as the ‘Love Stone’, rose quartz helps to encourage mental wellness and self-love.

2. Black Onyx – Strength-Giving

A powerful shiny and dark stone, black onyx helps to aid the holder in transforming and absorbing negative energy, to prevent the drain of personal energy. In times of stress, confusion and grief, black onyx can give strength and stamina, helping to support you through troubled times.

3. Citrine – Setting Goals

This striking yellow variety of quartz is found naturally in Brazil, Africa, Madagascar, Spain, Russia, France, Scotland and the USA, as well as being a favourite stone in the Art Deco era. It can help with meditation, but it is more commonly used to achieve clarity and cohesion in regards to setting and achieving goals. More recently, people are using it in abundance in the workplace for added prosperity and creativity.

4. Sunstone – Wealth and Prosperity

Set in the centre of the nucleus of the spiritual universe, the sunstone (or Golden Labradorite) is the premier manifestation stone. It epitomises the power and strength of the power chakra. Use it under your pillow and it will keep you refreshed and wide awake, ready to go about your daily activities.

Of course, this isn’t a definitive list by far, and there are a huge variety of crystals which you can benefit from bringing into your day-to-day life.

5. Amethyst – Restful Dreams

Often found in the broadest and different shades of purple, from deep to a light violet, amethyst is another common choice for basic crystal healing. Known for helping to improve intuition and memory, amethyst can be placed by your bed at night to help aid a peaceful night’s sleep.