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Honey for Beauty


Necta & Hive travel the world, carefully selecting the finest healing honeys with active properties.

Honey is truly the queen bee of the beauty world, in particular, using honey for the face is a big trend. This liquid gold is like Beyonce, it’s been around for a long time and it has so many incredible properties that are continually being used and discovered.

You may be thinking why would you want to put this golden, sticky, sweet substance on your face? We have put together the top reasons why honey for the face is the big thing that’s in right now.

Honey for skin

Moisturise: With the changing weather, dry skin can become a big issue especially when the cold weather sets in leaving your skin lacking moisture. Your face is one of the biggest culprits for lack of moisture but using honey for the face can help combat this. The enzymes that are present in honey seep into the skin softening and conditioning deep within. When using honey on your face, it can help give you that natural glow so you can shine bright and embrace your skin.

Exfoliate: Exfoliators that are not natural can cause your skin to be irritated and inflamed because of the properties that are contained within them. However, using honey for your face can gently help to lift dead skin cells leaving your skin feeling smooth and looking fresh.

Honey for skin

Pore cleanser: There are few products that can be used for a deep pore cleanse. But because of the antioxidant and antibacterial benefits of honey, it can help to get rid of blackheads and pus from deep under the skin.

Hydration nation: Honey for the face is beneficial at hydrating the skin because it draws moisture from the air to keep your skin hydrated once applied. Honey’s antioxidants can also help reduce wrinkles on your face leaving your skin feeling smoother and looking younger.

Honey for Spots and Scars

Scar Fader: Honey can not only keep your skin soft and healthy but also as it has a natural antiseptic it can help with the lightening of scars that can occur on your face. Honey for your face can help repair this damaged skin cells minimising inflammation and healing the skin faster.

Spot Treatment: Pimples and acne can be a big problem for many people, so use honey on your face for that needed spot treatment. Honey can not only aid in the removal of excess oils from the skin surfaces but it can also clear out those clogged pores leaving your face revitalised.

Which honey is best for the face?

Our Red Gum honey from the River Red Gum Tree is one of the best honeys for the face. It contains naturally powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory health benefits to help with the healing and caring of your skin. The TA rating being medium proves that can help with the maintenance of good health and the protection of caring for your skin. This golden richness can be your best friend at helping your skin to glow.

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