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Honey for Mental Health


Necta & Hive travel the world, carefully selecting the finest healing honeys with active properties.

Many people think of honey as simply being a natural sweetener and an alternative for food because of its natural flavourings and remedies. But did you know that honey is also beneficial for mental health? For centuries honey has had many proven physical health benefits, from the immune system to the caring for your skin but rarely thought of for our emotional and mental health needs too.

The various properties that honey contains from being an effective antioxidant and full of antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties it also has therapeutic benefits too that has proven to help combat common issues such as anxiety and depression. So, what mental health problems or even emotional health problems can honey help to heal?

Honey helps Depression

Depression is becoming more common in today’s world - it is a state of feeling dejected and encompassing feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy. When someone is depressed they can lack energy, concentration and focus towards something of interest or in life generally. Depression can affect both the body and the mind, for example, physically you may feel more tired, under or overeating. Mentally you could feel sad, empty and irritable. Having honey for mental health has been proven and used to treat such conditions as depression as it is a natural mood enhancer. Honey’s sweet natural sugars give that instant boost of energy and could change a person’s mood and depressive feelings.

Honey helps Insomnia

A result of depression can also lead to insomnia, this type of sleep disturbance is one of the hallmarks of depression. According to studies around 80% of people find it difficult to sleep while 15% sleep too much. But how can honey help this? The amino acids included in the honey properties known as tryptophan can help induce sleep. The happiness hormone serotonin can help the body and mind to relax by inducing the brain to pass the signals of sleep. Hence, having honey before bed can help balance these levels providing a helpful cure for depression and insomnia too.

Honey helps Emotional health

Stress, anxiety, and other emotions can sometimes get the better of us and often at times when we least expect it. Honey can help to lift your mood through the amino acids that are in the honey. Our gut health is connected to our emotional health, so feed your body the good nutrients and the good type of natural sweeteners to have a healthier and happier emotional health too. However, because of the richness of honey and the sweetness of it, too much can cause one to be too happy and increase sugar levels far too high which can cause other problems. Honey for mental health has many benefits that can help with that everyday long-term or short-term situations. Try our Jarrah Honey 22+TA and Red Gum Comb Honey 30+TA for the maximum benefits.

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