Red Gum 100% Unpasteurised Honey 10+ Total Activity


Nectar from the Red Gum tree produces a rich, golden honey which has a mild and smooth flavour and is less aromatic than Jarrah honey.

Red Gum is a great everyday honey, perfect to use as natural sweetener and sugar substitute. A good table honey for breakfast, adds a sweetness to marinades and dressings and complements both sweet and savoury foods.

Weight: 250g

  • About This Honey

    Red Gum honey originates from the River Red Gum tree, Eucalyptus Camaldulensis. Flowering in late spring and early summer, the bees feed on the nectar from the delicate, creamy white flowers. As the flowering intensity is unpredictable from year to year Red Gum honey is considered rare.

  • This Honey is Active

    Red Gum contains naturally occurring powerful antioxidants, flavonoids, known for their anti-inflammatory health benefits. The numerical TA rating of active honey indicates the strength of the antimicrobial potency of the honey. This 10+ TA Red Gum honey has medium antimicrobial activity and healing properties to maintain good health.


Our Necta and Hive honey comes in pristine dark-amber PET packaging. As well as being beautifully clear and pristine, it comes with a double-printed label and it’s unique moulded properties mean your product benefits from up to 90% weight reduction compared to other materials. Furthermore, you can be assured of no breakages as the production method of PET containers ensures that they are almost unbreakable, even when being filled, transported or used. Although no cracks naturally form, if damage is caused, you don’t have to worry about splintering.

PET also has a high gas-barrier resistance property, meaning that no gases can escape, or penetrate the packaging, which could cause the honey to become contaminated. The opaque packaging also stops your honey deteriorating due to the sunlight.

Avoid storing the honey in cabinets near hot areas, as the heat could inhibit and destroy the enzymes within the honey. Store our products in a cool dark location away from UV or natural light.

Other Honeys From Our Collection

Jarrah Honey 100% Unpasteurised honey 22+ Total Activity

Nectar from the Jarrah tree produces a delicious dark, syrupy honey with a caramel taste. It is not as sweet as other honeys due to its low glucose and high fructose levels.

Jarrah is perfect to use as a natural sweetener, add to your breakfast smoothie or muesli for a nutritious start to the day to maintain a healthy lifestyle, boost the immune system, raise energy levels and improve your health in a delicious way!

Weight: 250g

Red Gum 100% Unpasteurised Honeycomb 30+ Total Activity

Honeycomb (beeswax) is a natural wax produced by honey bees and is edible, honey in the comb is the most simple and purest form of eating honey and has been so for thousands of years.

Red Gum Comb honey is a rich golden colour, sweet, waxy and deliciously sticky. This is honey with texture. Delicious spread on hot buttered toast, eaten with steaming porridge, adds texture to salads, as an accompaniment to cheese and a sweetness to cakes.

Weight: 300g

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