5 weight loss myths you should know about before you change your diet

5 weight loss myths you should know about before you change your diet

Weight loss is an issue that many of us ponder (especially at this time of year, when mince pies, roast potatoes and mulled wine are the order of the day!). Losing weight is a process, and despite the promises of some unscrupulous companies in the diet business, there simply isn’t an overnight fix.

The internet is awash with weight loss tips and theories, and not all of them are as truthful as some websites would have you believe. So, here’s the truth on some of the most common weight loss myths.


Whilst it’s true that a diet high in processed carbs such as white bread, pasta and rice can make you put on weight, not all carbs are equal. All carbohydrates are broken down into sugars, which isn’t good news for anyone on a diet.

But white carbs are broken down much quicker than brown, wholewheat versions. This means that blood sugar levels spike quickly, followed by a crash, which will make you feel hungry sooner and crave your next sugar hit.

Wholewheat bread and pasta and brown rice help to stabilise blood sugar levels, keep you fuller for longer and less likely to reach for the chocolate between meals. They also contain essential vitamins and minerals.

Eating a portion or two of unprocessed carbohydrates a day is sensible for maintaining hunger levels if you’re watching what you eat.


Like carbs, not all sugar is created equal either. White granulated sugar is calorific, is absent of any useful nutrients and is best avoided as much as possible if you’re trying to lose weight.

But active, healing honey, such as Necta & Hive Jarrah 10+ TA honey spikes blood sugar levels to a lesser extent than white sugar. This is due to honeys ability to increase the release of insulin, which deals with the sugar in the bloodstream much more quickly.

Research also suggests that honey could help those tackling obesity. Read our blog, Could Honey Be Useful in Managing Obesity to discover more.


Not necessarily! Low or reduced fat foods may have to contain more sugar or salt to make them taste good. So always check the labels and try to stick to home cooked meals where you can, so that you know exactly what’s gone into them.


Not always, as skipping a meal, for example breakfast, can mean that you get so hungry that you make poor food choices in desperation. It can also mean that you don’t have enough energy to sustain you through exercise, which is an essential factor in weight loss. Opting for small, regular, healthy meals is key.


You might notice that ‘premium’ cuts of lower fat meat or organic fruits and vegetables cost more. But it’s simply not true that healthy foods are always more expensive. Fruits, vegetables, beans, chickpeas, tinned tomatoes and wholewheat pasta are affordable, filling and healthy. So fill up on these and think about the money you’ll be saving on snacks and fizzy drinks!

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