How do we know N&H honey is so pure?
Some of the hives are in remote locations several hours drive from civilisation, literally in the middle of nowhere, which is why we know the honey is pure and natural.

Are there any additives in N&H honey?
There are no chemicals, fed sugars or antibiotics used in the bottling of our honey, giving you a 100% pure active healing honey.

What is unpasteurised honey?
Natural honey which has not been heated so retains the enzymes and nutritional benefits, meaning every spoonful can help to boost your health and immunity.

What makes each honey taste different?
Each honey has an amazing flavour influenced by the natural variety of trees and plants found in the location of the hives. The taste and aroma are influenced by the nectar source so each honey has its own distinctive taste, texture and strength.

How do you know N&H honey has healing properties?
All Necta & Hive honey is independently tested by an accredited laboratory to determine the Total Activity, or levels of healing, giving you confidence in the integrity, traceability and quality of our honeys – from hive to market.

What is Total Activity?
The numerical TA rating of active honey indicates the strength of the antimicrobial potency of the honey, the higher the rating the greater the strength and the more powerful the healing properties.

What does antimicrobial mean?
Antimicrobial is a natural substance found in active honey which can inhibit or slow the growth of microbes = bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. Many antimicrobials come from nature and plants, moulds and essential oils. Antimicrobial means our honey can help to inhibit bacterial growth, reduce infection and enhance healing.

The antimicrobial activity in active healing honey is due to the enzymatic production of hydrogen peroxide. Active honey produces microbe-killing levels of hydrogen peroxide when glucose oxidase, an enzyme incorporated into honey by bees, reacts with glucose and oxygen molecules in water.

As part of the healing process the honey draws moisture from the affected area and this reacts with the glucose oxidase to produce hydrogen peroxide, helping to reduce infection.

Is it safe to eat Hydrogen Peroxide?
Yes, the natural hydrogen peroxide levels in honey are fine to eat and are necessary to fight infection.

Why is Jarrah a healing honey?
Jarrah’s antimicrobial healing activity comes from the hydrogen peroxide created in the honey so Jarrah is known as a Peroxide Honey.

The Jarrah honey’s antibacterial properties are measured by the term Total Activity (TA). Activity is expressed as equivalent % phenol.

Any honey with a TA of greater than 10+ may have beneficial antimicrobial properties and these properties are most effective as the TA Level increases.

Can I use honey to sweeten my food and drinks?
Yes, honey is a natural sweetener, and as it’s sweeter than sugar you can use less of it. Honey is versatile, great for sweet and savoury foods. Add to drinks, smoothies, breakfast cereals, dressings and marinades and baking. Honey is delicious eaten with cheese and fruit, spread on hot buttered toast or by the spoonful to enjoy the amazing flavour.

Is it safe to eat honey comb?
Honeycomb, better known as beeswax, is a natural wax produced by honey bees and is edible. Eating honey in the comb is the most simple and purest form of enjoying honey and has been so for thousands of years. Beeswax has its own nutritional and health benefits which can help to lower cholesterol, help the digestive system, boosts the immune system and is extra