The finest
healing honeys

With active properties


To help support your health's demands

Necta & Hive travels the world expertly sourcing the finest monofloral (single flower) honeys produced by bees free to forage on responsibly managed, native & sustainable eucalyptus forests

Our Jarrah antimicrobial honeys have been expertly sourced from Western Australia in one of the last remaining disease & pesticide free environments in the world. Our honeys are unpasteurised and cold pressed to maintain their antimicrobial healing properties, enzymes, superior nutritional profile & taste. Eat a spoonful a day as part of a healthy lifestyle to support good immunity and overall health.

Supports prevention, restoration and healing.

Our Honey vs Manuka

Active healing honey’s may all look the same but only our Jarrah and Marri Wild Honeycomb honeys are proven to be antimicrobial which can kill or inhibit not only bacteria, but viruses and fungi as well. Follow the link below to see how our honey compares with Manuka.


Antimicrobial 3 in 1 health solution

What is antimicrobial honey? Is all honey antimicrobial? What's the difference between antibacterial and antimicrobial honey? Necta & Hive honey is proven to be antimicrobial, find out why it's so good for you by clicking the link below. 

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Which honey do I choose?

Whether you want to Enhance your overall health & wellbeing, give your natural defences a Boost or Supercharge your immune system, our exclusive collection of honeys can give the support you need.

Use our honey guide to find out which honey is right for you