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Necta & Hive select the finest healing honeys with active properties to delight your tastebuds, improve your well-being and soothe your soul.


Necta & Hive travel the world, carefully selecting the finest healing honeys with active properties.

All our honeys are unpasteurised and cold pressed keeping the natural beneficial enzymes and nutritional benefits in-tact. Taken as part of your daily routine each spoonful of honey can help to boost your health and immunity.

Preventative, restorative and healing

Antimicrobial means Necta & Hive honeys can help to inhibit bacterial growth, reduce infection and enhance healing. Total Activity honey is a tasty food that can help to support a healthy lifestyle and provide a natural remedy for a number of ailments.

Our honey is independently tested by an accredited laboratory to determine Total Activity levels,giving you confidence in the integrity, traceability and quality of our honeys.

Red Gum 100% Unpasteurised Honey 10+ Total Activity

£26     250g

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Jarrah 100% Unpasteurised Honey 22+ Total Activity

£48       250g

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Red Gum 100% Unpasteurised Honeycomb 30+Total Activity

£98      300g

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natural active

Our honey’s anti-microbial quality is measured by the term Total Activity (TA), the higher the TA the greater the antimicrobial strength. All of our honeys are 10 + or greater, making them full of antimicrobial properties, and are equivalent or grater than 263 MGO for you Manuka fans out there.

Jarrah and Redgum’s antimicrobial healing activity comes from the hydrogen peroxide created in the honey.  Yes, the natural hydrogen peroxide levels in our honey are fine to eat and are necessary to fight infection.

Our 22+ Jarrah honey is so powerful, that is has double the antioxidants of the infamous Manuka honey. The Jarrah honey’s hydrogen peroxide stays active over several days which stops bacteria from growing, making it the most effective honey bugs such as MRSA, and as a natural treatment for burns, wounds and skin infections.


Antimicrobial is a natural substance found in active honey which can inhibit or slow the growth of microbes (eg.bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites).  Many antimicrobials come from nature and plants and moulds.

Antimicrobial means our honey can inhibit bacterial growth, reduce infection and enhance healing.

The antimicrobial activity in our active healing honey is due to the enzymatic production of hydrogen peroxide.  Active honey produces microbe-killing levels of hydrogen peroxide when glucose oxidase, an enzyme incorporated into honey by bees, reacts with glucose and oxygen molecules in water.  As part of the healing process the honey draws moisture from the affected area and this reacts with the glucose oxidase to produce hydrogen peroxide helping to reduce infection.

Our honeys are rich with bioactive compounds, which are shown to have protective effects on cardiovascular disease in plat-based diets. They are also full anti-flammatory, which could help problems such as diabetes, digestive disorders and arthritis.

cold pressed
for purity

Over heating honey can kill of all of the great benefits you’ll find inside cold pressed honey. Our honeys are full of important enzymes, healing properties and probiotics, so we reserve those by offering our honey raw and cold pressed. Our honeys are a great source of energy, and full of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, making them a nutrient dense sugar alternative.

Our cold pressed honey is full of rich flavour and goodness preserved just for you!

Australian Red Gum Comb Honey 30+TA

A truly unique and natural product harvested straight from the hives, untouched by human hands. Comb is the natural beeswax, honey and bee pollen in its most purest form. Red Gum Comb honey is a rich golden colour, sweet, waxy and deliciously sticky. Take as part of your daily routine, it is great for gut health and digestion. This is honey with texture and attitude. Eating honeycomb has the same (and more) benefits as eating honey. Our RedGum Comb Honey 30+TA has not been processed in any way. It's rich in the enzymes that give honey its antibacterial nature.


Jarrah 100% Unpasteurised Honey 22+Total Activity

Known as Australia’s healing honey, nectar is collected from a single species of the Eucalyptus tree (Eucalyptus marginata) unique to Western Australia.

Jarrah produces a delicious dark, syrupy honey with a caramel taste. It is not as sweet as other honeys due to its low glucose and high fructose levels. Preventative, restorative and healing.  Perfect to use as a moisturising face mask, can hydrate the skin, leaving it soft, radiant and glowing.

Red Gum 100% Unpasteurised Honey 10+Total Activity

Red Gum honey comes from a single species of the Eucalyptus family (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) and the nectar produces a rich, golden honey. Red Gum contains naturally occurring powerful antioxidants, flavonoids, known for their anti-inflammatory health benefits.

Red Gum honey has a mild and smooth flavour and is less aromatic than Jarrah honey is, ideal to add to your super protein powders. Raise energy levels and relieves sore throats.

Our Values:

  • We believe in good food that’s good for you.
  • We believe in the preventative, restorative and healing powers of our active honeys.
  • We believe positive choices in what you eat need not mean a compromise on taste and quality.

Sarah Jones

I believe in taking care of myself, so I exercise, eat well and look after by body. I believe in the healing & restorative power of nature and try to buy products harnessing that power for the benefit of mind, body and soul.

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