Which honey is best for me?

Enhance active honey by Necta & Hive
Boost active honey by Necta & Hive
Supercharge active honey by Necta & Hive

How can honey improve my health?

Eating active, healing honey every day helps to support a healthy immune system due to the rich antioxidant profile naturally present in high quality honey. This helps to build good defences against nasty cold, flu and stomach bugs. In fact, NICE, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, recommend antimicrobial honey as a first line treatment for sore throats, coughs and acute bronchitis.

Robust evidence is also emerging that active honey also promotes good gut health. Honey contains prebiotic fibre which feeds the trillions of good bacteria, fungi and viruses that reside in our gut (collectively called the microbiome). Feeding our microbiome helps to keep the gut healthy, and a healthy gut is now also linked to better digestion, a strong, healthy immune system and good mental health.

Not all honey is created equal

Necta & Hive honeys are high quality, unpasteurised honeys. They’re produced by bees foraging on Jarrah and Marri Wild trees native to Western Australia. Since these areas are among the last remaining disease and pest free areas of the world, our honey is produced without the use of pesticides.

What is Total Activity (TA)?

Total Activity (TA) is a measure of the effectiveness of a honey at killing bacteria. Jarrah and Marri Wild honeys are graded according to their TA, the higher the TA number, the greater the antimicrobial power. Necta & Hive honeys are among the highest rated TA honeys on the market.

Our honeys get their antimicrobial power from an enzyme called glucose oxidase, which the bees naturally add during honey production. This reacts with the glucose and the oxygen from the water naturally present in honey, producing hydrogen peroxide. In honey, hydrogen peroxide is a safe yet powerful antimicrobial.

Which level of Total Activity (TA) is best for me?

ENHANCE – Just like aiming for your five fruits and vegetables a day and plenty of fresh air and exercise, if you’re fit and well, enjoy a teaspoon of Jarrah 10+ TA each day to promote good general health and wellbeing.

BOOST – If you’re naturally being exposed to more bugs such as during the winter or if you’re travelling or feeling under the weather, help defend yourself by switching to a higher TA honey, such as ourJarrah 15+ TA or Jarrah 22+ TA honey each day.

SUPERCHARGE – Stomach bugs, sore throats and coughs can sometimes get through our natural defences and this is when we need extra immune support. Sucking on a small piece of our highest Marri Wild Honeycomb 15+ TA honey with honeycomb could heal and provide relief.