How to use our honey

When eaten on a daily basis, active, healing honeys from Necta & Hive help to support a healthy immune system due to their rich antioxidant profile and strong antimicrobial properties. Doing so helps to build robust defences against colds, flus and stomach bugs and promotes good gut health due to their natural prebiotic fibre content. 

In fact, NICE, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence recommend antimicrobial honey as a first line treatment for sore throats, coughs and acute bronchitis. 

We suggest eating a teaspoon of your chosen Necta & Hive honey every day as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. You can drizzle it over your breakfast granola, add it as a touch of sweetness to smoothies and juices or add it to warm (not hot) water or herbal tea. Or you could eat yours the same way we do – straight from the spoon! 

If you’re a lover of exercise, sports and the gym, you can also consume honey as a drink or in a protein smoothie to help boost your endurance and performance. 

Active, healing honeys can also be used to help effectively treat wounds, scalds and burns and to enhance your beauty regime by using it as a face mask, to treat dry hair and as part of an indulgent manicure. 

Whichever way you use our honey – enjoy its delicious sweetness and healing prowess!