7 ways to harness the healing power of honey

7 ways to harness the healing power of honey

7 ways to harness the healing power of honey

Honey has a plethora of health benefits so in celebration, here’s seven reasons why honey is so amazing at healing and supporting good health…

1. Treating coughs and colds

Honey is now recommended by Public Health England and the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence as a first line treatment for sore throats and coughs in place of antibiotics. So next time you feel a sore, itchy or irritated throat coming on, suck on Necta & Hive Marri Wild honeycomb 15+ TA with honeycomb just as you would a cough sweet.

2.  Wound healing and treating burns

Active, healing honey can be used to successfully treat wounds and burns and is regularly used in healthcare settings in sterile dressings. It helps the healing process by forming a protective barrier, helping to prevent infection, and by encouraging the flow of lymph fluid to the wound which promotes healing.

3.  Supporting good gut health

Honey contains a type of prebiotic fibre that we cannot digest, but that the good bacteria, fungi and viruses in our guts (collectively called the microbiota) can. In fact, they thrive on it, and a thriving microbiota means that we have a healthy, regular gut.

4.   Managing weight and preventing obesity

When we eat sugar, our blood glucose levels rise and we feel that instant hit of energy. But soon after, our energy levels slump as our blood glucose levels fall as quickly as they rose. Eating honey also spikes blood glucose levels but not to the same extent as refined sugar, meaning that we’re less likely to need another sugar hit to sustain our energy levels – great news for weight management!

5.  Helping to manage anxiety

Honey can help to improve the symptoms of anxiety in two ways – by containing the antioxidant flavonoids chrysin and gallic acid that have anti-anxiety properties and by supporting the health of the central nervous system which reduces anxiety and improves memory recall and intellect.

6.  Supporting a healthy immune system

Rich in antioxidants, honey is able to help neutralise unstable free radical molecules that can damage the cells of the immune system and lead to chronic inflammation and disease.

7.  Helping us to detox

If you’re looking to detox, there are many ways in which honey can help, including a honey water detox, or spicing things up with cinnamon or apple cider vinegar. Read more in our using honey to detox blog post.

Quite rightfully, honey has earned the moniker of liquid gold, and it truly is. But not all honey has these amazing benefits. Regular supermarket honey that’s sold cheaply in squeezy bottles is likely to have been heat treated, meaning that the delicate enzymes that are responsible for the healing power of some honey are destroyed.

This is in stark contrast to Necta & Hive Jarrah and Marri wild honeycomb honeys that are pure, unpasteurised and are among the highest strength of healing honey on the market.

Eating our honey on a daily basis is a great way of supporting your wellbeing. If you’re stuck for ideas, read our blog on incorporating honey into your diet or have a scroll through our amazing recipes page! We’d love to hear your ideas too, so make sure you share them with us on our social media.