Can’t Get Hold of Cough Medicine? Try Honey Instead!

Can’t Get Hold of Cough Medicine? Try Honey Instead!

2020 will go down in history as the year a virus put a halt to the entire world. With Covid-19 putting social distancing, self-isolation and talk of a ‘total lockdown’ on everyone’s lips and minds, these unprecedented times are like no other in history. 

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve seen shortages in shops of everything from toilet roll and hand sanitiser to eggs and flour. Medicines haven’t escaped the wrath of the virus, with queues forming to get hold of over the counter pain relief to more serious supply worries concerning life supporting drugs. 

Amongst this, there’s also been a shortage of cough medicines, as people buy them to try to help soothe the persistent cough that is one of the most common symptoms of Covid-19, or to have them on hand in case of being infected. 

But, there’s good news! NICE, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, who oversee healthcare in the UK, now recommend active healing honeys (such as those sold here at Necta & Hive) as a first line treatment for coughs.

Our honeys can be eaten straight from the spoon or swirled into a comforting herbal tea (only add honey once the drink is at drinking temperature so you don’t destroy the delicate antimicrobial enzymes with heat). Necta & Hive honeys are amongst the highest rated honeys for antimicrobial power, measured by their TA rating, on the market. 

In fact, sales of premium honeys have been skyrocketing since the beginning of the outbreak, as savvy shoppers stock up on naturally antimicrobial honey such as Necta & Hive Jarrah and Marri Wild honeycomb 15+ TA honey. You might be tempted to buy the better known Manuka honey, but Manuka honey is antibacterial – that is, it will be effective against bacteria, but not viruses. Jarrah and red Gum honeys are antimicrobial, meaning that they’re effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses. 

Although the Necta & Hive team comprises only two full time team members, we also rely on the services of freelance digital marketers, social media experts, designers and writers to help us bring our honeys into the mainstream. We all swear by the effectiveness of Necta & Hive honey to help keep sore throats, coughs and colds at bay so that we can keep well enough to keep supplying our customers with honey. 

Only this week, two of us have started to feel the beginnings of a sore throat. But after only a day or two of eating Necta & Hive honey by the teaspoon, our fears of a serous viral infection have been allayed – the honey it seemed, kept the bugs at bay! 

As I write this, two days ago I had a sore throat, and now I’m perfectly fine after dosing up on Necta & Hive Jarrah 22+ TA honey. Another team member swore by the powers of Necta & Hive Marri Wild honeycomb 15+ TA honey and is also free from the pain of a sore throat. We recommend sucking a small piece of the honeycomb like a cough sweet to soothe, relieve and heal. 

So if you’re looking for a natural alternative to cough and sore throat medicines, look no further than Necta & Hive! 

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