Five Crystals to Bring into Your Routine

Five Crystals to Bring into Your Routine

If you’ve already seen our previous blog on crystals, you’ll know they have a wealth of internal properties. There are crystals which can help you combat every single issue in your day-to-day life, from sleeping better to dispelling negative energies.  You should be aware of the different varieties available to you. With that said, here are another five crystals that you can easily incorporate into your day-to-day life:  

Carnelian - Gaining Confidence
This striking, deep orange stone comes originally from the Quartz family, but different weather conditions and exposures will create specks, bands and stripes depending on the level of iron impurity. When polished, it looks very shiny and this suits the warm, vibrant nature of the gem, which helps to ease tension and bring you good vibes.  

Rainbow Obsidian - Moving On
This shiny black circular orb glistens in the light, littered with spirals and stripes that cover the entire stone and radiate outwards. It helps to remind you that even in the darkest times, you will have the strength to move on and grow into the future. Harness the energy and move forward, leaving the past behind you.  

Fluorite - Emotional Wellbeing
One of the most exciting crystals to look at, the Rainbow Keeper will help to clear your mind and detox your body to remove negative thoughts and patterns. The striking mix of green, blue, cerulean, cyan, pink and purple will help you light the road to joy, protecting you from negativity and purifying your soul.  

Tiger’s Eye - Relieving Anxiety
This chatoyant gemstone comes from metamorphic rocks, and takes on a golden yellow lustre throughout, similar to the purest of honey. This powerful stone will help to you to cleanse yourself of fear and anxiety, aiding your harmony and balance. By keeping one close to you, you’ll be stimulated into action, unclouded by negativity and able to face your decisions with clarity and understanding.  

Moonstone - Taking control of Destiny
This dreamy, cream and yellow stone harnesses the power that controls the tides to help you keep check of your emotions. Shining with the glow of the moonlight, moonstone empowers you to control your destiny and go with the flow in modern life. It will help stabilise your lifecycle and create a sense of reliability, guiding you through your daily routine with purpose.   Crystal therapy and crystal healing is becoming increasingly popular all around the world, so why not give it a try yourself?