Necta & Hive Active, Healing Honeys vs Manuka Honey

Necta & Hive Active, Healing Honeys vs Manuka Honey

Hands up if you’ve ever heard of Manuka honey? Our bet is that your hand went up (literally or figuratively) straight away. Now keep it up if you’ve heard of Jarrah honey? Or Marri Wild honeycomb honey? We’re willing to bet that your hand went back down. Because whilst we’re huge fans of Jarrah and Marri Honey.

Marri Wild honeycomb honeys here at Necta & Hive, we appreciate that not everyone is in the know about these amazing honeys. Yet…

We’re here to turn that around and spread the word about the health benefits of Jarrah and Marri Wild honeycomb honey over Manuka, and why they’re so special.

The Purity of Necta & Hive Honey 

You probably know that Manuka honey is from New Zealand. You might also know that in recent years, the Manuka honey industry has had a bit of an identity crisis with the problem of counterfeit Manuka honey flooding the market. 

Some Manuka honey has been found to be diluted with other honey and sugar syrup, and some has even been coloured with a fake tanning ingredient to make it look like the real thing. It’s even said that there’s more ‘Manuka’ honey on the market than it’s possible to create by bees foraging on the myrtle trees of New Zealand. So something is definitely amiss. 

And that’s the first reason why you should buy Necta & Hive active, healing honey over Manuka honey – its purity. 

Because our honeys are less well-known, there’s no issue with unscrupulous manufacturers keeping up with demand and making a quick buck from fake honey. 

Necta & Hive Jarrah and Marri Wild Honeycomb honeys are produced by bees foraging on one of the last remaining pesticide free areas of natural forest in the world (and they always will be). So that brings us onto our second point…

Necta & Hive Honey is Sustainable

By reading this article, you’re one of the minority which is into our little secret – Jarrah and Marri Wild honeycomb honeys are delicious, 100% unpasteurised, pure and pesticide free, and as they’re less well-known, they’re also more planet-friendly. 

Jarrah and Marri Wild honeycomb honeys are produced by bees foraging on trees that are members of the eucalyptus tree, and these trees are naturally fast growing and planted in responsibly managed, pesticide free forests. 

Sadly, as Manuka honey is now so mainstream, it’s often produced by bees foraging on huge swathes of myrtle forest, that are often planted in areas that have had their natural, indigenous tree life cut down to make way for pesticide-fed myrtle trees. 

Necta & Hive Honeys are More Healing…

Jarrah, Marri Wild honeycomband Manuka honeys are all classified as active, healing honeys. But Jarrah and Marri Wild honeycomb are superior here, too. They get their healing powers from a naturally occurring enzyme called glucose oxidase

This makes Jarrah and Marri Wild honeycomb antimicrobial, meaning that they can help to fight bacterial, fungal and viral infections including coughs, colds and sore throats. Manuka honey contains methylglyoxal which is antibacterial and therefore isn’t effective against fungal or viral infections.

Jarrah and Marri Wild honeycomb honeys also contain three times as many immune system supporting antioxidants than Manuka honey. 

…and Taste Better!

Because Necta & Hive honeys don’t contain methylglyoxal, they don’t have the same medicinal taste that Manuka honey does. Instead, Jarrah honey tastes delicately sweet with a smooth caramel flavour, and Marri Wild honeycomb has a sweet, mild flavour. And we think that’s how honey is supposed to taste!

So why don’t you give Necta & Hive honeys a try today? We know you’ll be addicted at the first spoonful…

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