Staying healthy when you’re working from home

Staying healthy when you’re working from home

At first thought, working from home sounds like the dream working conditions – no need to set an alarm, no commuting, fewer restrictions on taking breaks and certainly no annoyingly loud colleagues (unless your ‘colleagues’ are now small children who need constant snacks!). But in reality, working from home comes with its own unique set of difficulties.

Motivation is one. When there’s no colleagues or line managers to inspire us then motivation can sometimes take a hit. At home, where there’s life laundry to do, children to feed snacks to (and the garden to sit in), then our productivity can also wane, leaving us to play catch up much later into the evening that we’d hoped. 

Also, our homes aren’t necessarily set up for home working. Perching on the kitchen table or sitting awkwardly on the sofa with a laptop can cause backache and stiffness. With whole families working, studying and Netflix streaming at home, our WiFi connections might not be the greatest either. 

Whilst we can’t help with the design of your home ‘office’ or the strength of your WiFi, we can give sage advice on staying healthy when working from home. Here’s our top tips!

    • Take regular breaks, especially if you’re not sitting on a chair designed for office working. Stretch upwards on your tip toes, with your arms stretched above you for a minute or so each hour and walk around the house for a few minutes. Some smart watches will tell you when you’ve been sitting for too long, but if you don’t have one, set a recurring alarm on your phone each hour. 
    • Try to stick to normal eating times – working so close to the fridge is oh so tempting, and before we know it, we’ve grazed our way through the morning. If we’re conscious of managing our weight, then mindless snacking will just bring on the self imposed guilt. Make healthy shopping choices too, if crisps and biscuits aren’t in the house, then there’s less temptation! 
    • Always start the day as you mean to carry on, and eat a healthy breakfast. If you’re exercising, then a protein fuelled breakfast such as eggs or baked beans on wholegrain toast is ideal (and you can spend the time you would de commuting making a hot breakfast!). Necta & Hive active healing Marri Wild Honey comb 15+ TA is our highest TA honey and has a plethora of health benefits – making it ideal as a healthy, indulgent breakfast drizzled over granola with a little nibble of honeycomb on the side. 
    • Stay hydrated – make sure you have a glass of water on your desk or working space all the time and take regular sips. By all means have coffee and tea, but the caffeine can act as a diuretic, meaning that you’ll need to pass urine more often, potentially dehydrating you. Dehydration leads to tiredness and poor productivity so it pays to keep topping up with water. 
    • Warm water with a teaspoon of active, healing Necta & Hive high TA Jarrah or Marri Wild Honey comb 15+ TA will also help to keep you hydrated, plus it will provide all the other immune and general health benefits of honey
  • Set aside time for exercise – with no commute, it can be all too easy to stay inside all day. But getting outside and exercising, be that for a walk, run or cycle (at a safe distance from others not from your household) helps with motivation, productivity, memory and concentration. 
  • Working from home can mean that it’s more difficult to switch off from work, so make sure that when your work is done, you close down your computer and walk away. Give yourself an evening clear from replying to emails to switch off and unwind so that you’re fresh for the following morning. 

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