The importance of staying hydrated, whatever the weather

The importance of staying hydrated, whatever the weather

The importance of staying hydrated, whatever the weather

When we think of hydration, we might automatically think of drinking water when the weather is hot and sunny, and we might be sweating a little more. But the reality is, it’s vital that we stay hydrated all year round, no matter what the climate is saying outside.

Central heating in our homes and offices and blow heaters in our cars and on public transport are all detrimental to the level of hydration in our skin, for example. Plus, harsh winds and cold can also cause our skin to lose moisture.

Around two thirds of our body is water, and each day we lose water through urinating, perspiring and other biological functions such as breathing and digestion. Therefore, replacing this lost water is essential.

It’s thought that we can survive for around three days without water (although after just a day, we’d be feeling uncomfortably thirsty) yet we could potentially stay alive for a couple of months without food. (However, we don’t recommend trying to prove or disprove either.)

So, water is essential to life. But why?

Why do we need water?

Without water, our bodies wouldn’t be able to perform even the most basic of functions. We require water to digest our food, breathe, get rid of toxins and waste (through urine, faeces and sweat), to control our body temperature and even for brain function.

It supports the function of the kidneys in filtering waste products, helps to prevent constipation by keeping the bowels functioning normally, and maintains our metabolism and energy balance.

Why water is important

Given that water makes up the majority of our bodyweight, and that losing too much of it can result in dehydration (which if left to become severe, could result in kidney failure and is a medical emergency) it’s a sensible idea to keep our levels topped up!

Here’s a few more reasons why water is so important.

  • Prevention of urinary tract infections (UTIs)
  • Prevention of kidney stones
  • Production of oral fluid and saliva
  • Keeping the plump, hydrated and youthful
  • Maintaining energy levels and helping to reduce levels of fatigue
  • Maintaining good blood circulation
  • Supporting joint lubrication
  • Regulating blood pressure
  • Boosting fitness endurance
  • Supporting a healthy weight (if you feel hungry, have you checked to see if you’re actually thirsty? Drink a glass of water to see if the hunger subsides.)

 Bored of water? Try this instead!

Drinking water is essential for health, that much is clear. But even if you love water, it can be a tad bland. So, if you fancy mixing things up a little, then why not add flavour? Most of us have tried adding lemons to our daily water bottle, or perhaps even strawberries and mint. But have you ever considered adding honey?

Warm water with honey and lemon is traditionally used to soothe a sore throat, but it doesn’t have to be a warm drink. Add a litre of warm water to your sturdy water bottle from the kettle (not hot, as it will destroy the important health-giving enzymes in the honey) and add two generous teaspoons of Necta & Hive Jarrah High TA 10+ Honey. Shake to mix and allow to cool and add a wedge of lemon. Sip throughout the day in addition to your regular plain water and stay happily hydrated!