What to Look Out for When Buying Unpasteurised Honey

What to Look Out for When Buying Unpasteurised Honey

In our quest to lead a healthy life, there’s lots of thing many of us are now turning to, to remain fit and healthy. This involves taking plenty of exercise, remaining as free from stress as is possible in modern life, drinking more water, drinking less wine and getting enough sleep.

The majority of our health conscious decision making however, is in what we eat. Manufacturers and producers of health foods have never been in such bountiful times. Superfoods are everything, and although the term ‘clean eating’ has kind of had its day now, the premise remains the same – eating fresh, home cooked food, mainly plants, is how we eat our way to health.

But as part of this movement, there have been some foods marketed at the health conscious that can be extremely unhealthy when produced by brands simply wanting to make money. 

For example, spirulina (a type of sea algae that’s powdered, added to smoothies and is incredibly nutritious, if a little odd-tasting) has been found to contain deadly toxins and heavy metals when harvested from areas such as the South China Sea. Farmed oily fish, such as salmon, touted as a fantastic source of omega 3 fatty acids can also contain a side helping of far from healthy sea lice. 

Another health food is unpasteurised milk. Advocates swear by it, but the risks of unpasteurised milk are so great in terms of food poisoning, that it’s only allowed to be sold directly from the farm or dairy, rather than in shops.

The Benefits of Unpasteurised Honey 

But that’s not to say that all unpasteurised food is dangerous. In fact, far from it. Unpasteurised honey, such as Necta & Hive Jarrah and Marri Wild Honeycomb honeys are super healthy. Our unpasteurised honeys haven’t been heat treated in any way, and are exactly as nature intended – sweet, delicious and naturally antimicrobial. 

Heat treating honey damages the naturally occurring antimicrobial enzymes that give honey its active, healing properties, making pasteurised honeys ineffective against coughs, colds and other bacterial and viral infections. It also removes some of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are naturally present when it’s collected from hives. That’s why we never heat treat ours. 

Buying Unpasteurised Honey

Honey has had recent problems with adulteration – in everything from expansive Manuka honeys to cheaper, supermarket honeys being blended with sugar syrups and other, cheap ingredients. 

So when you’re looking to buy quality, unpasteurised honey, always buy from honest honey producers such as us here at Necta & Hive. We proudly display our independent test certificates on our website showing that our honey is nothing but what we say it is – unpasteurised, active, healing, high TA honey. 

Honey producers selling honey that is 100% unpasteurised will also tell you so, because, like us, they’re super proud to be providing such a premium product that hasn’t been messed with! Laws state that we’re not allowed to call our 100% unpasteurised honey ‘raw’. So always look for the words ‘100% unpasteurised’ on the label or packaging to make sure that what you’re buying is the genuine product. 

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