Why Is Jarrah Honey and Marri Wild Honeycomb So Expensive?

Why Is Jarrah Honey and Marri Wild Honeycomb So Expensive?

Here at Necta & Hive we truly and passionately believe in the high quality, superiority and healing power of our honeys. We take immense time and trouble to source nothing but the best honey that not only tastes incredible, but has the highest healing power and antimicrobial properties possible. 

As you would expect, this kind of honey comes with a higher price tag than most other honeys!

The Truth About Supermarket Honey

The type of honey that you can buy in plastic squeezy bottles (or to some extent, more upmarket looking glass jars) in the supermarket is generally much cheaper than our honey. This is because it’s often not 100% honey in those ‘convenient’ containers.

Often, cheap supermarket honey has been blended with a poor quality sugar syrup, most commonly imported from China. Any honey labelled as fully or partially containing ingredients from outside the EU will generally contain such imported syrup, but it doesn’t, by law, have to say so on the label.

The other issue with cheap, imported, supermarket honey, is that it doesn’t contain the active compounds that give our honeys their active, healing properties and health benefits. Our honeys have some of the highest Total Activity, or TA, ratings available. 

The numerical TA rating of active honey indicates the strength of the antimicrobial potency of the honey. The higher the TA rating, the greater the strength and the more powerful the healing properties. We also have all of our honeys independently tested for their TA rating. 

Exclusive, Superior Honeys 

Not that imported honey is inherently poor quality. In our case, quite the opposite, in fact. Necta & Hive honeys are all 100% pure and come from Western Australia. Our honeys are the Australian version of New Zealand’s Manuka honey, only they’re even more healing and gentler on the palate than Manuka. 

Our Necta & Hive Jarrah 22+ TA honey for example, comes from hives filled with honey by bees foraging on Jarrah trees grown exclusively without pesticides. The Jarrah tree is part of the eucalyptus family and only flowers from late October to the end of January, and even then, only every second or third year. So you can see why Jarrah honey is so highly prized! 

Necta & Hive Marri Wild HoneyComb 15+ TA honey comes from the Red Gum, or Marri tree, which flowers from February to mid Spring each year. Whilst it may flower more often, it’s still highly prized as the trees only grow in certain parts of Western Australia. 

All of these factors set Necta & Hive honeys apart from the rest and when you taste them, you’ll understand why they’re such an exclusive product. 

We recommend swirling a teaspoon into a warm drink (wait until the drink has cooled to a drinkable temperature to prevent the heat damaging the delicate enzymes) or adding them to granola or a breakfast smoothie. Or you could eat them directly from the spoon – we won’t tell anyone, we promise!