5 tip top winter salads to inspire you this cold season

5 tip top winter salads to inspire you this cold season

Baby it’s cold outside… So why on earth are we talking about salads?!

You’ll have to trust us on this one, but salads can be just as satisfying in the colder months as they are during the summer, and are fantastic for keeping our quota of fresh fruits and vegetables topped up. (Because as tempting as it is to just eat potatoes and root vegetables when all we feel like doing is hibernating, it’s still good to have variety to make sure we’re getting a full range of immune system supporting antioxidants.

So here’s our favourite winter salad recipes that we know you’re going to love…


A regular tuna niçoise is generally served cold, but who said that was the law? This recipe for a winter version celebrates everyone’s favourite winter staple – the potato. Served straight from the oven and mixed with the cold salad ingredients, the potatoes cause the leaves to wilt and become lovely and warm. For an extra twist, serve this tuna classic with pan seared tuna, rather than tinned tuna. It makes a deliciously warming and balanced supper or a fresh and tasty weekend brunch.


If you like a crunch to your salads, then this crunchy salad is perfect for you. The hero ingredient is chicory leaves, which are fairly bitter, but are rich in fibre. We cannot digest this fibre, but all the good bacteria in our gut can, which helps them thrive and keep our gut healthy.

It also makes the most of our favourite honey salad dressing. We make this by whisking together four parts olive oil to one part balsamic vinegar, one part honey and one part Dijon mustard. Then drizzling it to our hearts’ content! We love to use Necta & Hive Jarrah 15+ TA honey as it’s runny, sweet and flavoursome.

Honey is super versatile as a salad dressing, so here’s a few more honey salad dressing ideas you might like.


Ever since we Brits discovered duck a l’orange in the 1960s, we’ve loved the pairing of dark duck meat with the acidity of oranges. And this duck and orange salad recipe is no exception!

Ideal for a romantic dinner without feeling too stuffed afterwards, it’s rich in protein and packed with antioxidants from the salad and the honey.


Nothing says winter vegetable quite like kale, and this delicious winter salad from Jamie Oliver makes the most of this versatile veg. (Top tip, if you find kale too chewy and bitter, try massaging it first. Honestly! Chop it up, removing the stems and pop it in a bowl with some olive oil. Then ‘knead’ it like you’re on The Great British Bake Off for a few minutes. Trust us, you’ll notice the difference.)

Quinoa is an ancient grain that’s packed with protein and adds an interesting bite to this super healthy salad.


Yes, sprouts! Not just for force feeding everyone at Christmas, brussels are delicious when finely chopped and used like a cabbage in a salad. This sprout salad recipe includes lemon juice and parsley which is an amazing combination with any kind of greenery.

Who knew there was so much more to salad than cucumber, tomatoes and iceberg lettuce?!

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