Gift Sets

Gift Sets


Whether you’re looking to treat a special someone to some luxury honey or you deserve a treat yourself, we have the perfect gift box. 

Active, healing honeys from Necta & Hive don’t just taste great. They can be used to support someone through an illness, help to prevent common infections caused by bacteria, viruses and fungi and provide immune support whilst travelling. 

We have a range of gifts boxes available, from our Luxury Gift Box with our complete collection of honeys, to our Weekend Gift Box, perfect as an alternative ‘thank you’ to flowers and chocolates when staying with family or friends. 

Necta & Hive honeys can also be used for year round help and support wherever we are. Whether we need to enhance our healthy habits, boost our natural defences or supercharge our immune system when demands on our body are high, our Just Jarrah and Just Red Gum Gift Boxes are the helping hand we all need. 

Give the gift of health, luxuriously, with Necta & Hive. 

Supports prevention, restoration and healing.


Jarrah honey is semi dark amber in colour with a rich and full bodied, yet smooth and delicate caramel flavour. It has a thick syrup consistency. This honey is great drizzled over fresh fruit, yoghurt or porridge


Jarrah honey is known as Australia’s healing honey, due to its high antimicrobial properties, which can inhibit bacterial growth, reduce infections and enhance healing. It is also perfect to use for facemasks as well as in medical dressings to help kill bacteria in infected wounds or burns.

Supports prevention, restoration and healing.


It is unique to a specific area of protected forest in Western Australia, considered to be one of the last disease and pest free areas in the world, so no insecticides or pesticides are used in these apiaries. The majestic Jarrah tree can live for over 1000 years but only flowers once every two years from December to January, making Jarrah honey extremely rare.