• Antioxidants prowess and Immune boosting abilities
  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Effective cough suppressant
  • Gut Health Benefits

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  • Honey has shown remarkable anti-diarrhoea potential. Researchers say that honey can help to kill stomach bugs and reduce the length of time someone might be ill with a stomach big for.

  • The benefits of high TA honey such as ours on gut health is a really exciting area of research at the moment. Studies are proving the ability of high TA honey to help support a healthy gut microbiome - the billions of bacteria, fungi and viruses that keep the gut healthy. A healthy microbiome is linked with a wide range of other health benefits such as good mental health and a strong immune system.

    Medicinal honey is said to act as a ‘prebiotic’ that helps to feed the probiotic gut bacteria and help them thrive.


  • Yep, and our ancient ancestors knew all about it. In ancient Persia, it was customary for newly married couples to drink an alcoholic honey drink (like a fortified wine) called mead for the first month. Presumably hence the name honeymoon! It was believed to increase their libido, so that children weren’t far away.

    They were definitely onto something, as honey is a good source of the B vitamins. The B vitamins are thought to be important in the production of testosterone, the more testosterone, the more libido a man has, increasing his chances of becoming a father!

  • And that, in our book, is the health benefit of honey we love the most!