Our Top Honey Beauty Tips!

Our Top Honey Beauty Tips!

Our Top Honey Beauty Tips!

Not just a deliciously sweet foodstuff that can be added to breakfasts, smoothies, salads and warm drinks, the versatility of honey extends to beauty treatments too. Our 7 Overnight Beauty Tips Using Honey took the internet by storm, and still is, with fans in their droves turning to us to add a natural element to their beauty routines.

So we thought we’d publish another post on the benefits of honey as part of a beauty regime for the skin, face, body, nails and hair. Enjoy!

 Honey Beauty Tips for the Face

Honey contains mild exfoliants called alpha hydroxy acids, or AHAs, that gently and safely peel away the very top layers of skin, to reveal glowing skin underneath. This process also helps to clear the pores of any cellular debris, dirt, old makeup and bacteria that can block the pores, leading to dull, spot-prone skin.

Add teaspoon of Necta & Hive Marri Wild Honeycomb 15+ TA honey (including the comb) to a few drops of warm water and apply a thin layer to the face. Relax for up to half an hour and rinse with warm water before patting dry and applying your favourite moisturiser.

Amazingly, honey also has anti-ageing properties, thanks to its antioxidant prowess. Read more about this in our blog, How Can Honey Improve My Skin.

In this blog, you’ll also learn how honey can improve levels of the skin-boosting proteins collagen and elastin. Increasing our levels of these important proteins can make our skin appear more plump and youthful, so you won’t want to miss out!

Honey Beauty Tips for the Body

High quality, active honey such as ours here at Necta & Hive has antimicrobial properties that can help to heal wounds. It’s so effective in fact, that active honey is used in dressings for burns patients in medical care centres.

If you have a small, non-infected cut or graze, use a clean spatula to cover the wound with Necta & Hive honey and cover with a clean gauze. If in doubt about an infected wound, seek professional medical help, but otherwise, continue this process every few days until the wound is healed.

You can also follow the same process for itchy, red patches of eczema. Honey has antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that researchers have found can be useful for those who struggle with mild eczema.

Honey Beauty Tips for Nails and Cuticles

The nails can benefit from honey, just like the rest of the body can. If your nails struggle to grow, break easily and tend to flake, then you may have a problem with your cuticles.

The cuticle of each finger or toe nail is the thin layer of skin that sits between the bottom of the nail and the surrounding skin. Damaged cuticles can impede or damage the growth of the nail, so using a little honey on each cuticle once or twice a week can help – find out how honey can improve your nails here!

It’s also a great idea after you’ve had gel or fake nails on for a while, to give them a little extra help to strengthen them after they’ve been covered up for weeks or even months.

Honey Beauty Tips for Hair

Finally, our hair also deserves a honey treat, especially if we use heated styling tools or we colour or perm our hair. Use our high quality honeys mixed with a little yoghurt to create a hair mask – find out the finer details in our Ultimate Luxury Honey Hair Mask post.

However you enjoy our high quality honeys as a beauty treatment, don’t forget the ultimate indulgence while you’re there – a nibble of Necta & Hive Marri Wild Honeycomb 15+ TA honey, honeycomb and all!