How To Make Kombucha With Honey

How To Make Kombucha With Honey

Kombucha has been around for hundreds of years now but only recently it has reached a peak in its popularity. With a lot of people becoming more health conscious, it is understandable why a lot of people have turned to this beverage.

Kombucha is a great source of probiotics for the intestines, with loads of vitamins, and detoxification properties to cleanse the body and support a healthy immune system.

What you will need to make kombucha with honey:

This recipe makes 2 litres of Kombucha

  • A kombucha culture (scoby)
  • A glass container/jar
  • Tea bags – you can use any you like, but chai tea tastes the best in this recipe
  • 100g of Necta & Hive Red Gum 10+ TA
  • A tight weaved cotton or muslin cloth and an elastic band to cover your jar
  • 2 litres boiling water


  1. Boil 2 litres of water.
  2. Put six tea bags into a heatproof container to make the tea.
  3. When your water boils, pour the boiling water into the container in which you have placed your teabags.
  4. Stir your boiling hot container full of tea, let the tea brew and cool for 30 mins and then take out the tea bags and strain them.
  5. Add the honey and stir. Leave to cool further.
  6. Once your tea is lukewarm, you can add your scoby in.
  7. Cover with the cloth and place in a warm space for 10-14 days.