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Honey for Burns


Necta & Hive travel the world, carefully selecting the finest healing honeys with active properties.

The use of natural products to enhance and heal the body has become a common trend in today’s world. Honey for burns has become one of the most common practices because of its natural remedies. Many people use various natural remedies such as aloe vera gel, butter, coconut and even turmeric have various health benefits. But it is remarkable how many health benefits honey has because of it is a natural antibiotic and antimicrobial product effective at killing bacteria and microorganisms. Due to these health-promoting properties using honey for burns can not only kill off any bacteria but the antioxidant materials make it a good product for healing.

Studies show that the most efficient and effective treatment method for mild burns is honey. Scientific research has revealed that the healing process can be improved due to the skin being soothed by the natural anti-inflammatory properties in honey. When examining results of a burn treated with antiseptic creams and other dressings, scientists found that using honey had a much more positive effect, in both the short and long term. However, before you use honey to treat your burns, you must identify and diagnose the type of burn. 

Honey for First degree burns

Burns can happen fairly easily and sometimes without you even realising until a little afterwards. You can get burns from food, heat, fire, the sun, boiling liquids, and chemicals. First degree burns are the least severe and usually affects just the top layer of your skin. Applying honey to this type of burn you can begin to see healing within an hour and there are usually little or no real scarring left behind.

Honey for Second degree burns

A second degree burn has more severity than a first degree burn. It usually affects more than one layer of skin and the healing process can be a bit longer than a first-degree burn. The skin would be quite red and painful but with the right honey used it can take a few short weeks to fully heal with little scarring.

The Best Honey for Burns

Jarrah is known in Australia as a healing honey, and is unique to Western Australia. Bees feed on the nectar from a single species of the Eucalyptus tree (Eucalyptus marginata) which gives the honey its healing properties. The Jarrah tree only flowers once every 2 years so Jarrah honey is considered to be rare.

The natural composition of Jarrah honey is what makes it a natural healer. The medicinal benefits of eucalyptus and the high antimicrobial properties measured by its Total Activity (TA) make Jarrah a powerful healing honey which can inhibit bacterial growth, reduce infection and enhance healing.

This rich, dark, syrupy honey is not as sweet as other honeys because of its low glucose and high fructose levels but when added to your meal it can boost your immune system and provide an overall internal and external health glow that protects your entire body both inside and out.

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